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skid row, scraps of wisdom, and bitbucket pipelines

Reading Some very exciting things about Bitbucket pipelines. Probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but this has been incredibly helpful in speeding up some workflows that I’ve had in place for years without really looking at. Specifically, around this site that you’re looking at now. Style tweaks and whatnot will be approx 9x quicker than… Read more »

10 Little Scraps

This is an adaptation of my talk from re:develop on 14th October, 2016. It’s about how being a parent has helped me be a better developer.

inspiring post about to-do lists

My personal to-do list is over 30 pages long. 30 pages of a carefully maintained moleskine consisting of A5 ruled paper, adorned with black ink oozed from a Pilot® Razor Point Pen. I inspect it carefully each morning, looking for quick-wins that I’ll be able to draw a line through, before inevitably turning to the final… Read more »

Barcamp Bournemouth 6

I went to this event, gave some talks, had some fun, learnt some stuff.