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skid row, scraps of wisdom, and bitbucket pipelines

Reading Some very exciting things about Bitbucket pipelines. Probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but this has been incredibly helpful in speeding up some workflows that I’ve had in place for years without really looking at. Specifically, around this site that you’re looking at now. Style tweaks and whatnot will be approx 9x quicker than… Read more »

ponte city, football academies, and premier league kits

Listening to Ponte City Tower on 99% Invisible. I’d seen images of Ponte City before – it’s a huge tower block in Johannesburg which crops up in various places because visually, it’s pretty remarkable – but I had no idea about the history of it. This is a really great episode, portraying Ponte as a microcosm… Read more »

atlantis, ansel adams, and algorithms

Missed a week last week. Oops. Reading Myths of Sunken Lands That are Really True. Can’t remember how I stumbled onto this.. think it was from a story about rising sea levels and places that will be underwater in x years. I love stuff like this; tracing back the origins of myths and legends. There’s often a… Read more »

emoji’s and an egyptian library

Listening to Notes on an Imagined Plaque and Person in Lotus Position, both on 99pi. The first one is a short but powerful imagining to do with a statue of horribly racist General Nathan Bedford Forrest, and in light of the recent furore around removing confederate monuments, is required listening. It’s so well done. On a lighter… Read more »

get offline, stay offline, don’t eat meat

Reading This article on Wired How to Stay in the Moment: Take a Picture – sort of justifying the constant point and shoot nature of the world today. I’m still torn between the guilt of living life through a screen and the knowledge that I will (and do) forget things very easily if I don’t have a photo… Read more »

emotions, skateboarding, and speech recognition

The inaugural post in ‘This week I have mostly been..‘. A new category which is an attempt to log recent activities, on the web. Some sort of internet diary if you will. Listening Invisibilia, ‘Emotions‘, part 1 and 2, which I will attempt to summarise here for the benefit of my own poor memory. So we’re taught… Read more »