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been a while..


ughh.. it’s been a superbly hideous month. so stupidly chockablock with stuff i cant even begin to recall. but i’ll try.

made the lengthy drive behind several tractors to Bath twice. once to visit the Future Publishing offices (they do Computer Arts amongst other things.. watch this space) and once to visit the baths and the cadbury cafe. i also drank some ‘fresh’ spring water at the baths and could taste the 2000 years of history. foul.
saw Panic! At The Disco in portsmouth. entertaining. but 15-year-old-emo-kids (ie. 90% of the people there) are entertaining in a whole ‘nother way.

shocked by the price of flight socks.. £13! surely DVT isn’t that bad..(?)

watched ‘Silent Hill‘ and winced at the use of barb wire. how the film passed as a 15 i’ll never know. and maybe it’s because i never played the game (too many irritating camera angles) but i have no idea what the fck happened at the end.

completed the google Da Vinci Code Quest thing. barely cheated at all.

oh, almost forgot, i also finished my major (final) university project :-) ‘all city‘. go and visit it now. it took me ages. just a 5000 word essay to go ’til it’s all done and i start properly working. joy.

finally. started a redesign of this site.
coming soon.