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dj format – 3 feet deep

single cover for 3 feet deep

ever since the giant shark and tiger related goodness of ‘we know something you don’t know’, i’ve had a soft spot for dj format. well, i say ‘soft spot’ but i really mean ‘i bought the first album and liked it but rarely listen to it now and i also watched a few of the later videos and liked them too but paid no real mind’. so as you can imagine, i was semi-pleased to find this full screen video of ‘3 feet deep’ featuring abdominal (obligitary) and d-sisive. very cool and nicely done. if only such machines existed..

perhaps a better find however was the bloke who kindly served up the fullscreen Format flavour – paul neave. the site with the video (and lots of other fun videos) is nifty, but pales in comparison to his main site which features, amongst other goodies, a planetarium, which if you have a big enough screen and poor lighting in the room, is almost like lying in a deserted field looking up at a cloudless sky. dreamy. worth a visit even if you dont like stars and stuff.