dj shadow. live.


last night, as part of my birthday festivities, i strolled down to the bournemouth international centre to catch dj shadow. he was supremely dope.

although i’ve not technically bought ‘the outsider’ yet, i think i can still safely class myself as a fan. when ‘endtroducing’ dropped, i was one of the many that jumped on the shadow bandwagon. i went out and got all the following singles (the cover of ‘stem’ is still so dope to me), and i started looking for other quannum/solesides shit. blackalicious were the ones that most attracted me, but still, latryx and maroons had their role to play in my soundscape.

blah.. rambling.
my point is, dj shadow put me onto a gang of other artists which have provided me with years of enjoyment, and his own music has always been dope, so i was very excited about seeing him. he didn’t disappoint at all. played everything that you’d expect him to play, across a set that lasted the best part of 2 hours. really quality stuff. he brought out lateef for a couple of tracks (including ‘lady don’t tek no’ which was a blast from the past) and also got chris james up to sing his tracks off the new album (that’s chris james, the lead singer from ‘stateless‘ who were the support act and were actually pretty good).

fun times fun times. really enjoyed it.

as a brief sidenote before showing off my measly camera-phone pics, i feel obliged to say that i do like the new album. hyphy isn’t ordinarily my cup of tea, but a bit of e-40 and david banner (in small doses) isn’t a bad thing. also, the fact that it doesn’t really sound like endtroducing or the private press, is a very good thing. progression anyone? the reason i say that is because at the start of the show, he did this little biography spiel, and the crowd cheered at appropriate milestones. until he mentioned the release of the new lp, at which point people booed. he then made a little crack about people wanting him to constantly put out the same old shit, and people cheered. numpties. josh – if you’re reading this – pay no mind. onward and upward. in fact, quite unexpectedly, the moments when he played newer tracks, were probably my favourite bits of the set. dropping the track he did for cage amongst some endtroducing stuff killed it for me.. ill.

so yeah. look at some of my photos (there are some more on my flickr page). i really need to get a better camera.

dj shadow shadow and lateef the truth speaker lateef getting busy