frank miller’s 300


how insanely dope does this film look(?).. (go and view the trailer for ‘300’)

i saw some concept drawings for this quite a while ago and meant to post something about it then.. but forgot. so here it is.

it’s the next frank miller adaptation which will be coming out some time next year.. based on his ‘300’ series, it’s the story of the Battle of Thermopylae which in a nutshell, saw 300 spartans fight to the death against a vastly superior persian army.. some people reckon the persian’s numbered more than 120,000. granted, the spartans eventually lost, but they held the persian army for the best part of 3 days before being betrayed by one of their own who basically let the persians in round the back and brought an end to the battle. what a prick.

i remember reading about the Battle of Thermopylae when i was a wee nipper, and it struck me as a rather good yarn but i never really thought much else about it. reading up on it (at the heavenly wiki) just makes me think ‘wow’. the whole story’s class. really inspiring for those moments when you’re leading a small army against the might of an entire empire. something we can all relate to.

looking forward to it.