gnarls barkley

the droogs don't work

odd choice of promo shot.. but it works i suppose.
someone on the gnarls barkley myspace page reckons it ‘reminds me of the dudes in Clockwork Orange’.. oh! so that’s what it is! how clever.

blah. regardless of idiot fans (of which, thanks to dangermouse, there’ll be many), this gnarls barkley malarkey is sounding very nice. i wont lie, i’ve slept on cee-lo for years.. i never really got into the whole outkast/dungeon fam/goodie mob thing which i always associated him with so i never really paid any attention but lately, i’ve been looking back and appreciating more. that’ll learn me.

onward and upward.. april sees the release of ‘crazy’ which has been rinsed by uk radio lately. might even chart. the cover art for the single is fresh too.. (it’s on the left). BUT, in true radio-1-does-it-to-death fashion, i’m getting a tad tired of the song. and i’m sure many others are too. so, as a treat, here’s ‘just a thought‘ (mp3, 5mb) from the album promo.. i wasn’t sure which song to share, because they’re all rather funky but this one’s rubbed off on me just that little bit more than the others.

looking forward to the album.