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from the site:
Photographer: Will Pearson, of EyeRevolution.
Where: London, England

Fashion Shoot for cutting-edge goth and fetish fashion label Yungfuktoi. It really exploits the format to show the clothes off in an atmosphere of edgy debauchery. Often appearing in separate places within the same shot, the models are able to interact with each other in wholly unexpected and exciting ways.
Using the panorama format offers some distinct advantages: This way of shooting also allows us to showcase outfits from the collection in different poses and from different angles within the same shot �? a new and exciting idea for a fashion label.

from me:
i didn’t realise that anybody outside the hotel industry really used quicktime vr but i’m happy to be proved wrong. while ordinarily the format is used to ‘explore’ rooms, this nice implementation of it focuses on the clothes (/lack of). it’s a nice twist.

it reminds me slightly of that bit in fight club where the narrators apartment gets ikea-ized.. but without the text. if these panorama shots had rollover bits which actually told more about the clothes, it’d be perfect. as it is – they’re just cool images.

for you: