last.fm chart – december 11th

i’ve been meaning to do something with this little last.fm chart that i have on this site for a while now. (if you can’t see it, look in the bottom right corner of this screen. it’s quite clever, and i did it all myself. i’ll write about the process at some point.. ). it currently sits there and updates itself weekly, based on what i’ve been listening to, while also constantly updating things that i mark as ‘loved’. that’s it. sometimes however, the top 5 doesn’t really tell the whole story; so i thought i’d start occasionally writing about the music too. like now.

the week just gone, ending december 10th 2006, has produced the following chart:

  1. DJ Shadow
  2. Nas & Statik Selektah
  3. PANIC! at the disco
  4. Incubus
  5. Nas

so i’ve been listening to dj shadow a lot, because you know how you always listen to an artist a lot more when you’re about to go and see/have recently seen them. in case you missed it, i saw shadow on thursday last week. he was very good. on the whole, i think that the private press is my favourite album from him.

i’ve also been listening to the new Nas & Statik Selektah mixtape (the prophecy 2) for the new nas album. i suppose i could’ve just got the full, proper album, but this mixtape is full of rarities and classic nas verses over other people’s beats. really enjoyable. worth a cop.

next up, Panic! at the disco. my guilty pleasure. i’ve seen them live twice this year and both times have been uber-enjoyable. much fun abound.

incubus, just out of curiosity i listened to their new album. i’m not a massive fan.

and finally, rounding up the top 5 with nas.. some other tracks off the new album. good shit.

i’ll probably make more of this feature in the future, but for now, thus concludes my wrap up. :-)

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