lauren greenfield photography

(from the ‘pussycat dolls’ audition series)

lauren greenfield takes very good photos.

i don’t think they’re great in the sense that they leave me thinking ‘wow’ or anything, but they certainly do strike a nerve or something in me at least. just photos of everyday things (from various walks of life), but they’re presented in a really nice way; intriguing, interesting but not intrusive. she’s got the documentary thing down to a tee.

the whole site is worth a look so go and peruse for 20 minutes or so.. > http://www.laurengreenfield.com.

i particularly like the ones in vegas; now that i know i’m going there for a few nights next summer, i’ve taken a whole new interest in the city. with that in mind, this photo is dope:
it cleverly features the two hotels we’re going to be staying at.. one of which (the luxor) is also featured in this series of 2pac/suge knight pics.. nice.