panda micro-painting

micro painting of a pandathere’s this story from yesterday about a panda painted onto a single human hair (see the bbc) which is kinda cool..

Jing Ying Hua, a chinese micro-painter apparently took 10 days using a rabbit hair to paint onto a human hair, this picture of a giant (tiny) panda. looks quite nice.

it got me looking for other ‘micro-artists’ because i find it hard to understand how anyone has the patience to do something like that. which led me to willard wigan – micro sculptor. check the art here. i like the girl with a balloon on an eyelash. very cool.

nice to look at but i don’t fancy having to whip the microscope out everytime i want to look at a piece of art. and what if you picked it up wrong? ruined!

tedious. but cool.