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remnants of my fireworks display

as you can see from the above photo, our garden played host to the 4th annual ‘fireworks with matt’ night this weekend. that’s not the official name of the event, but it does however aptly sum up what took place across an hour and a half timespan on saturday night. super fun.

we’ve had a fireworks party every year that we’ve lived in bournemouth and truthfully – it’s a highlight in my social calendar. in a depart from sainsburys for the first time, this years display was kindly supported by tesco. buy one get one free on all ‘selection’ boxes = multiple ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. thankfully none of the ones we had were too loud, as that’s really the only thing that grates me about fireworks… that said – the house across the road more than made up for our quietness by re-staging a blow by blow account of operation shock and awe. frankly, i’m surprised that there weren’t major casualties – especially after one of their anti-aircraft fireworks seemed to go off about 2 foot in the air. but blah.. it all adds to the joy of bonfire night.

btw – for people not knowing what the whole november 5th thing is about, wiki the facts. essentially it’s a night where everyone in the country has fun with flames and bangs except for people with dogs / hospital workers / the extremely elderly / people who think they’re too cool for fireworks. i can understand why 3/4 of those people don’t like it, but the last group have no excuse. no-one’s too cool for fireworks. fireworks are too cool for you.

finally – witness my fireworks party in full swing. brilliant photography courtesy of my w800.
flaming garden