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sage francis x sarah coleman 2

write me a picture

a brief, but worthwhile follow up to my previous post about this ‘write off the world’ show…

the talented ms coleman now has lots of show-related goodies for sale on her website.. note to anyone wanting to get me a present for my birthday next week (or for christmas) – the ‘dead to this world’ cross-stitch would look dope in my hallway. in fact, all of the items are dope.. i may just pick up a couple of things for myself..

i’m pleased to say that i already own one of the double-sided notebooks (somewhat pictured above) and can thus personally attest to the quality. mine’s signed by sage.. it’d be a nice touch if the other side was signed by sarah, but 1 out of 2 aint bad.

in addition to the things to buy, you can also watch some nice little videos of the show.. for FREE! (by merely clicking on this link right here). some footage of the performance would’ve been nice, but i suppose that’ll serve me right for not having fought tooth and nail to go.