sage francis x sarah coleman

pics by sarah coleman. words by sage francis.

last week saw the launch (and conclusion) of a gallery showing by sarah coleman called ‘write off the world‘. alas, i wasn’t able to go, and neither will you be able to now because it’s not on anymore but there’s nothing to stop us looking at pictures and admiring from afar.

basically, the show was a display of artwork created around sage’s lyrics. does that make sense? i’m not sure i phrased that very well but the pictures should clarify. i’ve been listening to sage for almost a decade now and he’s easily one of my favourite artists and while i’ve previously dabbled with portraying his lyrics (in the end i went with aesop rock) – i could never do them the justice that sarah coleman has. really.. stellar work.

i’ll include a couple of pics here but please do go and read / view the stuff at sage’s message board. really cool.

if these walls could talk, they wouldn't shut the fuck up make love to the present, fuck the past

edit – video of the whole thing coming soon – http://www.writeofftheworld.net/London_show.html