stranded on death row

untouchable i’m currently finishing off my dissertation on the (d)evolution of hip hop. it’s kinda fresh. got so much i’d like to write about it but i’m just trying to get it out of the way so i can finally be done with the whole thing. taking far too long.

one of the nice things about doing it tho’, is the fact that i’ve spent the last 6 months or so ‘researching’ hip hop – and it’s made me remember why i love it so. i’m struggling to articulate it in 10,000 words so i’m certainly not going to sum it up here but i might as well make the most of this outlet to spread the love, beginning with some youtube goodness.

death row records live at the 95 source awards. aint nothin’ but a gangsta party..

now, i’m not into gangsta rap as much as i was when i was growing up (who is?), but this still brings a smile to my face. some classic shiz from death row who were straight untouchable around then. quality. shame about where they’ve ended up, but then i suppose they only had one way to go from the top.

blah. go and watch. then let the ass drop on the 6-4.