stuff i did in the last fortnight

sugababes. cooler.

in a nutshell.

caught the last three episodes of ‘planet earth‘. and can’t wait for the next batch.

saw the sugababes live (see the pic). surreal, but enjoyable nonetheless.

got tickets to the v festival, and the reading festival. despite the fact that i don’t massively like any of the bands playing. but my girlfriend does. so that’s okay.

installed the ‘tab mix plus‘ extension for firefox. it’s superb.

had my site added to the ‘student highlights‘ section of my media school’s new blog. which was kind of them.

picked up ‘fishscale‘ and watched the trailer for the ‘rock the bells‘ dvd. my reaction to both showed me that wu-tang clan still aint nuthin to f’ wit…

and some other stuff too.

i also noticed recently that this site design isn’t quite as nice as i’d like. so i’m gonna redesign soonish. well, after i get my uni stuff out of the way. only 4 weeks to go and i’m lagging. best stop writing pointless blogs and get on with it.