whitby psychiatric hospital

i stumbled on this picture this morning and wanted to share. it was taken in whitby psychiatric hospital which is an abandoned network of buildings in Ontario.
whitby mentalists

it’s creepy don’t you think.

i’ve always felt a slight attraction to abandoned buildings.. and hospitals or asylums are surely the pinnacle of abandoned places. i’m not sure if i’d have the bottle to actually explore one myself – certainly not without spending the entire time thinking “oh shit there’s a mentalist stalking me in these corridors” – so thankfully there are people who are much braver than me who also write about what they’ve done. people like ninjalicious and the fine folk at urban exploration canada. go and read. it’s cool. they have lots of photos too..


if you don’t want to read the stories, then there are some great photos here and some other nice ones (including the dalmations) here. enjoy.

oh, and there’s a wiki page about it. of course.