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artzmania vol 3

artzmania vol 3

It’s always nice to get noticed :) and this month, you can find my name in big print thanks to Artzmania Magazine. It’s an..

Independent venture showcasing outstanding international creativity and culture. With blazing passion for design, it is the latest platform for Designer’s Territory to inspire, express and share with fellow art enthusiast profiling diversified design.

Sounds good doesn’t it(?) And it is. To be honest, I feel a bit out of my depth amongst some of the work on show, because it’s stupidly good. Artzmania 3 Then again, I think that my stuff actually looks rather nice all packaged up. I’m not too sure about the work (of mine) that was selected – as in, I think I’ve done better stuff – but any exposure is good exposure.. and two whole double pages of exposure is great exposure! I’m honoured to have been asked to submit work.

You can download part 1 and part 2 of Artzmania Volume 3 and also a ‘lite’ pdf version of the magazine at the following links. (I’m on page 59 of the lite version and page 346 of part 1 of the full version :)). It’s not great that they’re .exe files or that they’re near 50 mbs each but it’s worth the effort.

Artzmania Volume 3 – Part 1
Artzmania Volume 3 – Part 2