back in business

I’ve now successfully migrated to the (gs) at (mt). All is well. It wasn’t exactly plain sailing but at least it’s done. The main problem I had was with my allcity site; specifically handling sessions when users log in. For some reason it allowed people to log in okay but wouldn’t actually store the username variable. Well, it would store it, but wouldn’t echo it onto the page. Fairly easy workaround, using other variables to store the name blah blah blah.. Took ages.

The other problem I had came when I upgraded WordPress to 2.1. Yes yes, the text you’re reading now is my first post using the latest WP version. Hopefully you wont notice any difference, because I spent quite a bit of time trying to get it all working as it used to work and looking like it used to look. A couple of plugins no longer worked / I accidentally deleted the entire images directory / my .htaccess file went a bit iffy / and I kept getting 500 Internal Server errors. All got solved eventually but I could’ve done without them to begin with.

But anway. Onward and upward..