back in sunny england

Pelicans in San Francisco Bay

California was superbly great. Words cannot describe the gloriousness of the whole trip so forgive this brief attempt. 18 days, 3000 miles, 10 cities (and multiple small dwellings which probably just about count as towns), 7 state parks, 1 wild sea otter and 0 McDonalds-esque meals(!!!) later, it really does feel shit to be home. I don’t think there could be a worse time to come back either, with a massive chunk of the country underwater.. It’s odd that only two weeks ago I would’ve happily lopped off an arm for a glass of ice cold water while stood in Badwater in temperatures touching 50°C, and now I’m finding it hard to picture what the sun feels like.

Blah.. It’s amazing how far 14 hours on a plane can take you :)

Anyway, stacks of work to be done, loads of emails to catch up on and lots of reality to get back in touch with.. Maybe going away for quite so long isn’t actually that good(?) I’ve got thousands of photos to sieve through too, so expect some updates on my flickr page very soon (the one accompanying this post is of pelicans in front of Alcatraz. Innit nice?) and I’m sure I’ll have a few more things to write about California when I can get ’round to relaxing for a bit. Til then, keep it gangsta.