behind the scenes at celebrity big brother

big brother is watching

as promised last friday (“celebrity big brother 5“), i went to the live filming of celebrity big brother on friday night. while standing around for near 5 hours in the freezing cold isn’t ordinarily my idea of fun, the thing was rather enjoyable. definitely worth the speedy drive up to elstree after work.. it’s lucky we arrived when we did, because the queue was immense! i’m sure that hundreds of people didn’t get in. (randomly – thanks to the guy who directed us to the studios after google maps let us down. who says all londoners are rude, obnoxious and out to mug you? lies i tell you!)

it was odd being at the place i’ve seen on tv for the last 6 years or whatever it’s been.. and it’s much smaller than i thought it’d be. also, i was shocked to find that it’s not all live. call me naive but i just presumed it always was on a friday night. the second show (when jade goody and her family went into the house) was actually recorded whilst ‘ugly betty‘ was on, and then shown on tv half an hour later. oooohh.. tv trickery!

but anyway.. good fun. it’s a shame that the microphones didn’t quite pick up all of our various shouts, although at the end of the last show you can just about hear me crying “go faceman!”. i have no shame. what follows below are some pictures i took, and some screenshots from the show, with our glorious banner “no cigars? no benedict!” highlighted for your viewing pleasure..

me, with the banner

davina. talking about the birth of her child. odd.

some pictures of the banner, as seen on tv!

with jade goody spoiling the view.

jade’s mum. she has one arm.

since our visit, donny and ken have both left the house. i think that’s more to do with jade goody going in, rather than us being in the audience but you never know.. can’t say i blame them tho. her voice! christ almighty.. just awful!

anyway. we’ll see how it pans out. dirk to win!