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camels, coke & other stuff


Can’t really be stretched to make a coherent couple of single posts about these things so consider this a link-dump of sorts. With mostly videos.

Pet camel kills Australian woman – madness! I’m quite a fan of camels generally and reckon it’d be great to have a pet one (someone on Location Location Location last week had a camel trekking business.. THAT’d be great) but I dunno if I could cope with it expressing any sort of sexual urges. Curb that shizzle..

Happiness Factory 2 is simply great. The original one (which you’ve surely seen by now) was also great, but this takes it to a whole new level. Well, not completely new, but it’s great regardless.

Women in Film is somewhat interesting if you like soft focus. Though, they really missed a trick not naming it ‘girls on film’ with a duran duran accompaniment instead of the violin.

Some free UK hip hop courtesy of Baron Samedi in the form of ‘Ripping Yarns’, his album from last year which is now available to download here (rapidshare).

Mos Def in a film worth seeing shocker?!!?!! Perhaps.

I’ve not actually managed to find the time to watch this yet but Zeitgeist looks kinda interesting. I’m going to try to fit it in across a couple of days this week. You should too.

Top 10 Low Budget Music Videos is a bit hit and miss (I hate that OK GO treadmill shit) but the number 1 is bang on. Takes a while to see why they picked it but once it gets going… Genius!

I’ve signed up for ‘blog action day‘ and thus, will make a difference :)

And finally, this poster is mental. I’d like to go through it line by line and see if it really is what it says it is but alas, I’m not really that fussed.