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celebrity big brother 5

the new series of big brother launched on wednesday, full of numpties.

  • carole malone(?) it really grated me how she tried to act so informed when she went in.. “oh, we heard rumours you’d be here!” and “you’re a suprise! we didn’t hear anything about you” etc.. awful.
  • danny tourette is a walking advert for sobriety.
  • ken russell should really be in the care of his family or help the aged or something.. poor bloke.
  • leo sayer is “too entertaining”. ugh.. makes me shudder.
  • oh, and ‘h’ is gay?! who knew?!
  • and someone should tell jermaine jackson that it’s not immediately obvious to everyone who he is.. he’s not as famous as his brother.

blah.. i cant lie; i’ll be watching every episode. it’s great..

i’ll unashamedly admit that i’ve always liked big brother. it’s pure entertainment. people can go on about it being trashy and tabloid and having no real worth but they’re just denying the truth: it’s fun to watch. i’ve never understood arguments to the contrary.. they’re usually uttered by people who seem to think that because they slate BB (that’s Big Brother to you uninitiated), they’re automatically better and more intelligent than people who watch it. fools.

no cigars? no benedict!so yeah, back to the point of this. dirk benedict will win. surely. he’s a mack.

in more fun BB-related news: i’m going to elstree to watch tonights live episode being filmed.. they’ll be introducing a new family to the house apparently. i sincerely hope it’s someone better than jade goody. still, regardless of what happens.. it’ll be an experience. i’ve never seen stuff being filmed for tv before. oh, except once cannon & ball filmed a skit outside my house, which was odd. no match for davina. should be fun. as long as it doesn’t rain. keep an eye out for our banner: no cigars, no benedict!