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future of web design

Future of Web Design

What is the future of web design? Carson Systems (and their friends) think they know and they’re happy to share it with the world on April 18th. Well, I say ‘the world’ but I mean ‘the few hundred people who got their tickets early’ because it’s now sold out. Luckily, I have a ticket, and while it’s not Golden and doesn’t grant me entry to a fabulous factory where immigrants are exploited to produce wonderful chocolate, it IS still rather spanking. I’m looking forward to it..

Confirmed speakers include people from Preloaded, Flickr, Hi-Res, Big Spaceship and the obligatory Jason Arbor from Pixelsurgeon. The man’s everywhere. So as you can see, tis a nice line-up.

If you haven’t got a ticket, you can buy a CD of the presentations for £59 (exc VAT) which seems a tad pricey for a CD to me but I suppose you get what you pay for.

I’ll do some sort of write-up afterwards but til then, peep the site and contemplate the future.