girls aloud. live.

girls aloud

I saw Girls Aloud last night. I have no qualms about saying that. They were fun.

It’s odd, I wouldn’t really consider myself a fan of that type of music in the slightest, but having listened to their ‘greatest hits’ album for a while now and then seeing them last night, I realised that I am actually probably a fan. It’s good catchy pop. Fun stuff. :)

girls aloud
I took some photos on my poxy phone, but they’re awful; so the main photo here has been borrowed from here. It was taken the night before their Bournemouth show but the clothes are the same so it’s almost like it’s the same night. It’s amazing that they manage to show so much flesh considering how tiny their bodies are. Well done girls.

They were supported Rogue Traders (their lead singer played ‘Izzy‘ in Neighbours and got pregnant by Karl Kennedy. Random), who were kinda good.. and 2 other acts who were awful. No offence to them, I’m sure they tried really hard, and it’s obviously really hard to be the unknown support act who no-one cares for, but they weren’t good. One was an unbelievably perky and OTT girl from Texas and the other sang about having “your hand in my cookie jar” which was just wrong.

Oh, and Ashley Cole was there, being swarmed by Dads who were clearly amazed by the fact that there was an England international at this thing that their young daughter had dragged them along to.

So yeah, my point is, Girls Aloud were good. And that’s that. I won’t ooh unless you want me too..