google street view

Golden Gate

I realise that this is a little old by now, but I’ve spent far too long playing with it and not enough time writing about it. Not that there’s much else I can write about it that you probably haven’t already read/discovered already. Briefly though, it’s a new feature of google maps which allows you to place ‘yourself’ (in the form of a little yellow avatar) onto a street and view a 360 panoramic photo of said street. You can zoom in and also move up and down the streets from within the panoramic too. It’s superbly cool.. Really really cool.

I’ve been a massive fan of google maps generally for ages now; I just think it’s brilliant. So fucking cool to be able to view the world like that. Hours of fun :). But this new streetmaps thing takes it to a whole new level. I’m in awe.

Alas, there’s only 5 cities (in America) covered so far but that’ll change soon enough. Luckily however, one of those cities in San Francisco, where I’ll be starting my Californian adventure from in a few weeks, so I’ve been strolling across the Golden Gate Bridge and all that in preparation. Funky.

Great great great. Go and play.