grand canyon skywalk

artists impression of the skywalk

You’ve probably seen this at some point in your internet browsing life, but if not – bear witness to the Skywalk. A 4000 ft high walkway made of steel and glass which juts out 70 ft from the edge of the Grand Canyon. I first read about it a couple of years ago and if I’m being honest – didn’t really believe that it’d come to fruition. I just couldn’t comprehend how they could build it and make it safe. I still cant. But they have.

Due to open March 28th 2007, the Skywalk is being has been built on the sacred land of the Hualapai tribe. Not sure if that’s the best use of sacred land, and by some accounts, neither do the tribal members but I suppose it’s a money-earner and dead presidents are more powerful than dead Indians.

Apparently it’ll cope with 120 people walking across the 4 inch glass floor at any one time and will cost $25 per person. Suppose I should add that to the list of foreseen expenses for our trip the West Coast this is summer because there’s no way I’m missing out on going on this thing while we’re there. I can’t remember where exactly we were going to go at the Grand Canyon but a detour might be in order. Frankly, I think it looks terrifying but it has to be done. National Geographic reckon it could be anything between 100 – 1,000 years before the structure become unsafe due to the fact that it’s built into limestone and the sides of the canyon are prone to rock slides. One tribal member only gives it 15-20 years before the thing collapses. Not exactly filling me with confidence but then I suppose if there’s any good time to do it, it’ll be within the first few months of it’s lifespan. Which is what I’ll do.

Finally, a wee comparative diagram showing the height of the Skywalk. For reference, I’ve added Smeatons Tower (an old lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe) because that’s one of the tallest things I’ve ever been up. Crikey.

a chart showing exactly how high the Skywalk is

more info and latest updates: http://www.grandcanyonskywalk.com/

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