happy new year!

after an extended hiatus due to the festive period, i’m back for the new year. hope you had a good one.

i fully intend to do lots of stuff this year and make sure i manage to keep on top of things (like work, this blog, money, etc). that’s my resolution. not that i really believe in resolutions.. they’re always so forced and never amount to anything. but this one will. honest.

to kick things off i’ve refreshed my portfolio with some nicer pictures, and some new pieces. well, i say ‘new’ but most of them are really old by now.. one dates back over 4 years! crikey. but they’re new to this site, and it’s nice to have them here. have a look using the menu on the left.

i’ve also made use of the new 100mb-a-month limit over at flickr. that, combined with a spankingly nice nikon d50 that i borrowed over christmas, has resulted in an abundance of photos on my flickr page. go and look. http://www.flickr.com/photos/scpgt/

so year. heres to big things.

fresshhh.. for 2-thousand and-7.. you suckaaaazzzzz!!!!!