hug me, i’m famous

Me @ Smashing Magazine!

Just a quick one to say thanks to the fine folks at smashingmagazine for including me in their ‘45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs‘ post this morning.

I checked it today purely out of routine and was genuinely shocked and stoked to see my own name in bright neon lights! Well, not quite.. but the effect is similar. Good stuff.

I’m happy.

In other slightly related news, the reason for a distinct lack of posting lately is; a) because I suddenly got snowed under at work. Blame it on a lack of foresight. And b) because I’m working on a few tweaks for this site. Mostly back-end but the design will be altered a bit too. Only a bit mind, seeing as it’s proving to be fairly popular and all.. So yeah, please bear with. Good things come to those…