human the death dance

human the death dance

This, the new album from Sage Francis, came out last week and I feel compelled to write that it’s very very good. If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Last.fm thingy, you’ll see I’ve been giving it a lot of rotation, and the simple reason for that is – it’s superb. The whole thing is really dope, but it’s the last half of the album that really does it for me.. ‘Black Out On White Night In Rome’ is my shit. :-)

I sincerely urge everyone in the whole world to go and buy a copy. Really, buy it as opposed to downloading it because the cover/in-lay art is quality. A lot of it was done by Sarah Coleman (who did the Sage Francis artwork show thing that I mentioned a while ago) and it’s so nice, it makes my eyes weep with joy. Really.

I pre-ordered it from the Strange Famous Records store and ended up paying about £7 for the album, the instrumentals, a signed poster and some stickers.. AND, in the package was the knowmore postcard that I designed! That made my day :-) .. Apaprently, there were about 4000 pre-orders so that means that my postcard has made it around the block a bit. Uber cool. If only it had my name on it.. Oh well. Good stuff.

Go and buy the album. Or, if you’re unsure, read more and download an MP3 from his Epitaph page. It’s dope.