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hyper island – crew 12

Hyper Island - Crew 12

I’ve always liked the Hyper Island ‘crew’ sites. For years now (since Crew 9) I’ve been looking and thinking that it’d be cool to be in a crew. The site’s are always superbly well done and really show off the capabilities of the students. Frankly, I’ve always wondered why my course (Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University) don’t apply a similar approach but that’s a whole different thread.. For now, just witness Crew 12.

Personally, I prefer the year previous (Crew 11) but there’s no doubt that a massive amount of work has gone into this years site and it shows. The flash version has tonnes of video (too much for my poxy iBook to cope with), but I actually think the ‘lite’ version of the site is nicer. Either way, worth a look. Each student’s personal site is also probably worth a look if you have a free hour or two because the quality of work is always impressive.