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jesus camp

jesus camp

“if you look at creationism, you realise it’s the only possible answer to all the questions”

of course. silly me.

now, i’m not going to launch into a rant about religion and it’s countless flaws because that’s not for me to do.. god schmod.. but i do want to say one thing about this documentary. it’s scary.

i’m all for people believing what they want to believe but it’s things like this that make me question whether we missed a trick allowing puritans to populate new england way back when.. the fact that america hasn’t really ever been exposed to other faiths is a clear recipe for disaster. not good. i mean, seriously, how can anyone justify telling kids they’re phonies with so much venom that they’re reduced to tears, just because they don’t display their belief in God enough. (i say ‘reduced to tears’, but worryingly, that could in fact be tears of joy from feeling the Holy Spirit..)

blah. i find it unnerving that people like this exist.

what is slightly satisfying however, is the fact that famously anti-homosexual ted haggard (the senior pastor at this megachurch in colorado) has since resigned/been sacked amid a flurry of gay sex and drugs allegations.

he was the same bloke who was interviewed on that richard dawkins programme last year; The Root of All Evil? and i thought he was a dick on that too.

it’s worth tracking down the full film (available from all good torrent search engines), but until you do, there’s a handy compilation thanks to almighty Google.