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loading chart – 29.jan.2007

my chart for the past week looks something like this:

  1. Rage Against The Machine
    The news of their reunion got me all nostalgic. I’m still unsure about the Renegades stuff but it’s a minor blip.
  2. Klashnekoff
    I DL’d a new track called ‘Terrorize the City’ featuring Kyza & Kool G Rap, from the Lionheart album coming out soon. At first I couldn’t really get down with the beat but the more I listen to it, the nicer it sounds. So that lead me back to Focus Mode, which I’ve been listening to a lot.
  3. Sean Price
    Jesus Price Supastar. What more needs to be said(?) It’s great.. a worthy followup to Monkey Barz.
  4. Killah Priest
    I haven’t really listened to much from KP for a while, and I haven’t really enjoyed any albums after Heavy Mental, so I thought I’d give something else a chance. Went back and listened to Priesthood and was thoroughly disappointed. Not that it’s bad per se, but it’s just kinda blah.. even the Horsemen track doesn’t save it.
  5. Fall Out Boy
    Thought I’d better start listening to some emo-pop-punk-dance-funk or whatever it’s called nowadays, seeing as I’ll be seeing them in a month or so. So I got Infinity On High, the new album, and it’s actually not too bad. But don’t say I said that.

Extra bonus thingy here!

While I’m still struggling to come up with something to make this thing worthwhile on my site, I’m toying with various ideas.. One of which is this: Featured MP3 of the week! Dunno if it’ll last. We’ll see. But anyway, to kick it off – here’s my most listened to track from last week:

Klashnekoff – Terrorize The City ft. Kyza & Kool G Rap.