last.fm chart – 7.jan.2007

last.fmmy chart for the past week looks something like this:

  1. Mobb Deep
    ‘The Mobb Files’ mixed by Scetch & Soundwave.. 30 tracks of (mostly) classic Mobb Deep from the last decade. i sometimes forget how much i like them and it takes a mix like this to jog the memory. essential stuff.
  2. Wu-Tang Clan
    this entry isn’t strictly valid, in the sense that it wasn’t Wu-Tang as a group that i was listening to.. specifically, it was ‘A Wu-Tang Life NYC’. various newish tracks from various members.. the inclusion of the ‘destruction of a guard’ remix and also ‘the saints’ by killah priest and nas is a good look.. matter of fact, the entire thing is goodness.. how can anyone not love a bit of wu-tang.
  3. The Firm
    ‘The Album’ by Nas Escobar, Foxy Brown, AZ & Nature is a bit dated but still holds enough weight to push it into my top 3 last week. foxy brown is shit. not my cup of tea. the other 3 however, and the guest spots are stellar.. ‘desperados’ has to be the standout. canibus kills it.
  4. Nas
    ‘Hip-Hop Is Dead’. apparently. i wrote a 14,000 dissertation last year about how hip-hop isn’t actually dead; so i respectfully beg to differ with nas. but there you go. each to their own. it’s odd, i honestly don’t remember a thing about listening to this album. whether that speaks something about the album, or about me doing other stuff while listening, i dunno.. but it does mean that i have nothing to contribute. oh, except ‘black republican’ is undeniable.
  5. Grayskul
    ‘Deadlivers’ is just so very fresh. i picked it up yonks ago now but never really got past ‘Prom Quiz’. silly me. it’s track after track of quality.. no real standouts to me, because the whole things sits so nicely as a whole album. whatever happened to them anyway?

a strong showing for east coast hip hop if ever i did see one. tho’ technically, The Game was joint 4th with Nas & Grayskul.

i ordinarily wouldn’t mention stuff outside of the top 5 but featuring in the top 10 were Heltah Skeltah, Cecil Otter & Rage Against The Machine. only reason i feel like mentioning all of them is because it’s been a particularly enjoyable week for music for me. i picked up a lot of albums over the festive season, and i’m just getting ’round to playing them.. lots of greatness.

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