mattnortham.com is live!

mattnortham.com screenshot

I do oh so like this ‘scpgt’ name and while I still intend to use it as my nom de guerre on this interweb thing, I thought it was about time that I snapped up my actual name dot com because I know I’d’ve been gutted if it’d gone to someone else at some point. So I registered it.

I don’t really know what to do with it though, seeing as I’m more than content with this site (scpgt) being my main online presence.. so at the moment, www.mattnortham.com is just a portal of sorts to various things I do. Not overly exciting (whipped up in half an hour or so and it shows) but at least it’s something. Albeit a very egotastic something haha.. I just wanted to emphasise my name a bit..

Welcome me to the web! (again)