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may 1st reboot 2007

May 1 Reboot 2007

Briefly, I’ve decided to join the May 1st Reboot this year. It makes sense really, seeing as I’ve been working on a new ‘refreshed’ design of this site for a while now with no real unleash date in mind and thus, no real impetus. Now I have a reason to finish it.

For those who don’t know, the May 1 Reboot is a yearly event which takes place on the 1st of May (strangely enough) which basically showcases the new designs of websites. Shit, that’s a really poor description.. ignore that.. They explain it much better than I do; look at the website.

The past couple of years have produced some really nice results and I just thought it’d be nice to be part of the fun. I’m trying to ready a range of other things aside from the new design which will accompany my reboot but we’ll see what I can muster in 3 weeks..