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my blog action day post

Blog Action Day

So way back in August, I signed up for ‘blog action day‘ with the genuine intention of coming up with a decent post that related to the environment and all that..

But here we are on October 15th and I’m fresh out of posts. Blame it on work. Nah, actually, blame it on me. The few times I sat down and tried to come up with something, I ended up writing tripe. Not good. So I’m not really sure why I’m bothering posting anything.

I suppose it’s because I think that the whole ‘action day’ thing is a good idea and it’d be nice to be a part of it somehow.. even if that means posting something as relatively meaningless as this. So here it is. Better than nothing surely(?) Even if the very least I’ve done here is brought your attention to the main blog action day site, then that’s enough for me.. There’s thousands of blogs who have committed to posting something today and while I’m sure that some of them will probably end up in the same boat as me, the vast majority should come up with good stuff. Have a look at the participants.

More generally, if you’d like to read stuff from people who actually manage to find the time to write good things about the environment, I wholeheartedly recommend treehugger. I used to subscribe to it but frankly, they post too much for me to keep track of. So now I just pop back occasionally..

Save the environment and all that!

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