ol’ dirty bastard : legend

Ol Dirty Bastard

R.I.P. Russell Jones 1968 – 2004

It’s probably got a lot to do with the age I was when I first heard ODB but I’ll always have a soft spot for the random babbling twisted genius shizzle that he came out with. I won’t lie, there’s the odd track that I don’t really get down with but the moments of brilliance massively outshine the lesser parts. The first album is classic material. Damage, Brooklyn Zoo, Snakes, Shimmy Shimmy Ya.. Undisputed.

I’ll grab and the mic and now I damage you, crush your whole stamina
Here comes the medical examiner
One verse then you’re out for the count
[Bring the ammonia] make sure he sniffs the right amount
Wake him up and then I ask him
Why did he intend this —
competition to get an ass kickin so tremendous!

To commemorate, here’s the ‘ODB Tribute’ track from 8 Diagrams.. It’s heartfelt.

Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Life Changes‘.. [audio:https://www.mattnortham.com/blog/audio/20 Life Changes (Wu-Tang Exclusive).mp3]

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