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sage francis – be the riottt

Sage Francis - Be The Riottt!

Last year (November 11th to be precise), San Francisco played host to ‘Be The RIOTTT!’, an event self described as:

… the supreme global manifestation of cultural diversity. Mixing an amalgam of premier music with an onslaught of emotive, culturally-relevant art galleries and streetfashion collective, Be The Riottt Festival engenders a progressive, genre-spanning throw down for the ages.

Sounds fun doesn’t it. Alas, it was ages ago so you can’t go now. “But how can I watch footage of the artists performing at the festival on a rather badly designed, but ultimately-does-the-job website?” I hear you cry! Funny you should ask, because that very footage is available at the festival website for one month only..

Feel free to go and listen to the other bands etc.. but the only thing I was really interested in seeing was the Sage Francis set. So I watched it today. It’s great. Only available for another 4 days I think so rush over and watch.