The latest filum from Michael Moore is rather good and worth watching.. full of worrying, yet entertaining facts and stories. Worrying if you’re American, entertaining if you’re not. (I jest!) Either way, it’s required viewing. When I read things like 50 percent of personal bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical expenses, it makes me glad to have the NHS. Good good good.

I’m not sure that the above wordage really conveyed how this film made me feel.. and probably came off a bit jokey. I was thinking about it a bit more last night and really, how can a country like America not have a social healthcare system. It baffles me. Also baffles me when people complain about our NHS for waiting times etc, but when you think about what they actually do, it’s amazing. (And there’s always BUPA if you want to try it the American way.) Blah. I’m not sure I have any point; just watch the documentary when it comes out. The bit at the end in Cuba: awesome.