thanks to the following..

Thumbs Up

Super quick-like, kudos to the four sites that were kind enough to send some linkage my way last week.. May there be many more to come :)

Daily Slurp, Loop Press, Link Creme and CSS Artillery.

Also, I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that almost an hour after launching the new design of ‘scpgt‘, it was featured on a German blog – Farbwolke. Happy times! In case you can’t read German, Google comes to the rescue..

Description: Matt Northam surprised with explosive graphics. As for the viewing of his works out stings are the perfect color harmonies, it seems to generate. He is confined to his site not only to a pure portfolio, he also writes a blog. There, he also tells a lot about his taste in music and other private things. This page is from A to Z durchgestylt. Seeing value.

Brilliant :)

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