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the new halo 3 site

Halo 3

I haven’t really played Halo since some frenetic multiplayer games many years ago in my first year of uni (which were fucking great; 4 on 4 capture the flag, trying to take a peek at the other teams screen to see where they were sniping you from etc. Brilliant.), and Halo 2 completely passed me by but the next game is definitely getting my attention. The various adverts(/promo things) have been rather good, but the new site is stunning. Have a look. Super smooth tracking around a super detailed model = super nice experience. I really like the snippets of information from ‘veterans’ of the war too.. It’s engaging and does a great job of building up the whole Halo mythology.

I don’t want to sound too ‘geekish’, but it does look spanking. Yet another reason to splash out on a 360 (along with GTA4 and Call of Duty 4). I dunno why I’m holding out really..