what digital camera magazine

matt northam in ‘what digital camera’ magazine

Woo! I’m in a magazine! :)

A month or so ago I was a tad bored so I entered a photoshop competition on flickr and came up with this.. To be honest, I thought it was just a flickr-based thing so I didn’t really expect too much. But then I was selected second and got a note saying it’d be in a magazine.. and now it is! Good stuff.

You can get the magazine at all good newsagents now, so if you’re into digital cameras, you might as well. And then turn to page 96 for the hotness. (Or just see the photo I took of the page).

The only downside is that they printed that I’m from Norfolk. Which I’m not. It’s odd, but it’s like they completely plucked that out of nowhere.. very strange. Never believe the media!

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