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Wu-Tang Clan Comin’ At’cha

There’s nothing like the prospect of a new Wu-Tang Clan album to get my attention and while there’s been plenty of journalists in the last 6 years (since Iron Flag) who have tried to prey on that, it seems like it’s actually going to happen this summer. At least, according to RZA (at least, according to Billboard).

“People want something that gives them an adrenaline rush,” RZA said in a statement. “We’re here to supply that fix. How could hip-hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever?”

Damn skippy.

I’ve always thought, and always will think that Wu-Tang Clan is nuthin’ to fuck wit’.. There’s just nothing which comes close to the impact they’ve had on hip-hop, and more specifically, on me. I’m not going to turn this into a teary-eyed nostalgia trip, but they’re the reason I got into hip hop and as such, have provided the soundtrack to my life for the last 10 years (in one way or another). Unfathomably dope.

So yeah, here’s hoping to a return to form in 2007. Iron Flag didn’t really leave much of an impression on me so as long as it’s better than that, I’ll be happy. Pretty much all the members have had some quality music out lately, so it shouldn’t be too hard to maintain a decent level should it(?)

Random trivia: the picture used for this post is the same picture I used on my very fist website ever. It used to take about 4 minutes for the whole picture to download whenever I tried to load the page, and then I had several meticulously crafted hot spots on each member (it included every strand of ODB’s hair) which took you to other pages about them. It was great. Humble beginnings and all that..

edit :: Oct 18th

Get the MP3 for ‘The Heart Gently Weeps’ off the new album.. It’s the one with the ‘Beatles sample’.. Download here

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