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Zach De La Rocha

So, Rage Against the Machine are reuniting for a one-off performance at Coachella. Good for them. The only band in the world ever who have managed to make repeating the same six lines sound epic (*cough* Killing in the Name*cough*). Really though, Rage are freakin dope. Undeniable.

2007 Coachella Line-upSeeing them live would be immense. I was even quite looking forward to seeing Audioslave last year at Reading in the vague hope that they’d do some Rage tracks.. although, having said that, I’ve heard Chris Cornell try to be Zack de la Rocha and it’s not pretty so maybe it’s a good thing they pulled out. Even the rest of the line-up looks quality.. DJ Shadow, El-P, the Roots, Ghostface, Pharoahe Monch, Brother Ali.. blows any of the UK festivals out the water as far as I’m concerned. Click the flyer on the left for the full listing. Should cater to any taste.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the main photo up there is by Branimir Kvartuc. It’s nice.