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another day, another re-design..

Yet again, I’ve decided to re-design this site ( in case you’re confused) because the old design was boring me a bit. It’s barely been a few months since that last design debuted and in fact, this design isn’t too far removed from the previous version. It’s more colourful at least. Most of the legwork can be seen on the homepage but there’s a few new things with links and stuff that you might notice by just clicking around.

I’m not normally one to go on too much about the design process or anything like that so I’ll end it here.. Just a note to say that it’s live. Oh, in case you’re using IE6 still, here’s a screenshot of what it’s supposed to look like. If it doesn’t look like that, feel free to comment and let me know.. I may decide to ‘fix’ it. My testing process has been admittedly a bit slack for this :)

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