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big brother zombies

I’m unashamedly a Big Brother viewer (or at least, I was until the last series this year, which I didn’t bother with at all). I’ve mentioned it here a few times before. I think it’s entertaining.

I also like zombies. They’re clearly the best type of horror fodder. Especially the ones that roar and scream and run and are still just about stupid enough to let you think you can escape, until the sheer number of them overwhelms you and you become another member of the horde.

So when I saw this viral a while ago for a show which would combine Big Brother with zombies (no jokes about it having done that for years already), I thought it’d be worth a watch.. and it was(/is).

Dead Set‘ started with an hour long episode on Monday night on e4, with a half hour installment last night and 3 more to come every night this week (ending on Halloween.. ooohh! spoooky!). If you’ve missed the two so far, they’re probably available on 4oD, or other un-endorsed sites perhaps, or the DVD comes out next week apparently. However you manage it though, you should watch it. The zombie bits are delightfully gory, the Big Brother bits are spot on (in terms of inanity, humour and realism) and it’s wholeheartedly recommended. There’s a bit in the first episode where a man in a wheelchair is pushed into the path of a zombie as a temporary barrier from the munching and I feel like I shouldn’t’ve laughed but I did. Out loud. A lot. Actual L O L. Oh, and it’s created by Charlie Brooker. Good stuff.

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