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college photographer of the year

Brandon Kruse - Silent Protestors

Some great photos which have rightfully been awarded various honours at the 62nd College Photographer of The Year. A lot of testament to being in the right place at the right time (or even the wrong place at the right time), armed with a camera. It reminds me that I really should carry my camera around with me more.. But then, I don’t wander around war zones, and I don’t think a photo series of me walking to and from my office is quite as engaging.

The main photo above is Silent Protestors by Brandon KruseLink

A silent protestor shows how he feels towards the head of a local wing of the National Socialist Movement, a group referred to as the modern Nazi party. Over 1,000 Columbians showed up for the party’s march through town that would leave 8 protestors arrested by the end of the day.

Dominic Nahr - Evidence
Evidence by Dominic NahrLink

A bloody hand print on the wall in a stairwell is left in Mohamed Ghorayeb’s house, a colonel in the Palestinian Preventive Security Forces. He and six other Fatah members died in their house after clashes erupted between Hamas and Fatah around and in the colonel’s house, also destroying his home and seven cars on the January 4, 2007, in Jabalia Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip.