desktop wallpaper: ángeles perdidos

Angeles Perdidos by Matt Northam

Over at my portfolio site, I’ve unleashed a new piece of work called ‘ángeles perdidos‘ (use Babelfish if that doesn’t make sense.. it’s deep). Go and look.

It’s based on some photos I took in L.A. last summer.. specifically, from the ‘Bona Vista’ cocktail bar in the Bonaventure Hotel.. The views aren’t bad at all. I actually started doing stuff to these photos shortly after coming back from California last July but then promptly forgot about them amidst doing other bits of work; but then this weekend I found my scribblings nested in several old folders and decided it was worth finishing off. There were several other versions but the final one I went with is definitely the most easy on the eye.

You can grab it to use as a desktop wallpaper background thing from my aptly named ‘goodies section‘ too if you like. I have. It’s nice.

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