don’t expect much here for a short while

I’ve been slacking with this here blog lately.. but with good reason. And those reasons are about to increase so I wouldn’t expect a plethora of posts anytime soon.

Primarily, this time of year at work is technically known as a nightmare. With just over two weeks to go ’til the BA Interactive Media Production 3rd year major hand-in, students are understandably getting a bit twitchy.. I’m not sure that now is a good time to mention that at this point before my own major hand-in, I’d finished my project ;) but I’ll do it anyway. Blah. I’m sure they’ll pull it out of the bag.. have a look at pixelpier to see the showcase details and come along.. it’ll be fun.

I’ve also been spending a little bit of time trying to redesign this site ready for the May 1st Reboot but now there’s only 3 days left, it’s not looking like I’ll manage it this year. Alas. It’ll be a June reboot instead. More on that as and when.

Finally, as of tonight, GTA IV will own my life. Sad, but true. It’s pretty much the only reason I wanted a 360 and I’ve been waiting for it for soooo long now. There’s been plenty said about it at loads of other places so I wont dwell.. besides, must dash and pop a cap in some online asses.. ooohhh yeah!

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